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Farhatt Belkjodja

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Un bel accueil!

Farhatt Belkjodja, 31, left his native Tunisia two years ago to settle in L’Islet, where has worked as a machinist for Industries Amisco Ltée ever since.

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Having grown in a cosmopolitan family, Farhatt dreams of seeing the world, travelling with his wife and reinventing himself, elsewhere. Canada is first to answer his application for immigration in 2018, year of his great leap and integration to his new living environment in the region of L’Islet, while waiting for his beloved to be admitted in the country.

Among the things which surprised him upon his arrival, except the cold and beauty of nature, was the hospitality and kindness of Quebecers, who helped him adapt to his new reality, step by step.

When asked what made him feel at home among us, he answers without hesitation: the smiling people, his colleagues with whom he had the pleasure to go camping, and most of all, the reaching hand of Rachelle and Elise at the MRC’s welcoming service. He remembers his first days in Quebec, running errands, the surprise of someone calling to make sure everything is going well, the sense of being regarded as equal.

Fahratt waits patiently for his spouse to travel across Canada, discover with her Gaspésie, Prince Edward Island and why not Vancouver! Until then, he appreciates his peaceful daily life in L’Islet, his new hometown, cherishing its calm, safe and familial spirit.

During winter, he likes to skate, and in summer, he runs along paths with vast panoramas and breathtaking landscapes.

With his pleasant character, he soon made friends, such as his neighbour, with whom he rented two small parcels where they grow vegetables, in the municipality’s community garden.

And there is the park, within walking distance from his apartment, where he likes to join his new friends and play guitar and tamtams. At first, despite his good knowledge of French, he had difficulty understanding Québécois, but after three or four months, he got used to it. He gets almost every word now.

It is here, in L’Islet, that he wishes to raise his family once the borders reopen and his wife’s file can finally be processed. One can only imagine them running towards each other, when they will be reunited at last. And wish them the smoothest integration possible in our community.

Welcome Fahratt Belkjodja.


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