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Lake Trois-Saumons Observation Tower

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Gabrielle Filteau-Chiba
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Le sport, la nature

There are stairways to the sky. One of them is quite real and located in the village of Saint-Aubert. Step by step, one crosses the thick canopy, reaching landings leading up to a perch high up above the twittering nestlings, treetops and even the skyline.

Up from the Lake Trois-Saumons observation tower, one will see the world minified… And there, the wind caresses one’s skin like the feathers of the birds flying up above the breathtaking scenery.

It is true that from higher ground, there are so many beautiful things to admire. Far away, see the estuary of the Saint Lawrence River, the steeples of coastal villages, the Isle-aux-Grues Archipelago and geese flying off in great formations. Just below, the round and spiky foliage, the maze of cultivated parcels nestled between hills and valleys. Right behind are the great and majestic Appalachian Mountains. Here, the lovely Lake Trois-Saumons, inviting us for a dip and hours of contemplation. And West, the Pain de sucre summit patiently waiting for trekkers.

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In good weather, the panorama from the tower extends from the Bas-Saint-Laurent to the Quebec Bridge, all the way across the Charlevoix Mountains, where stunning sunsets faint and the pink, purple and red sundown is always as moving. It is at this very moment – lungs filled with air so fresh, eyes set on a view so vast – that one can finally understand and embody the expression free as a bird.

For joy is a smile on the face of awestruck children. And knowing that there are, here and there, places where one can escape, just for a couple deep breaths delicately scented with seaweeds, conifers and a foretaste of freedom.

From the Lake Trois-Saumons observation tower, one can also see that down there, in the little world beneath, everything is not so out of reach: the ground is furrowed with paths that one can follow, escaping all modern times’ hassles, and stairs to climb all the way up to the immense blue sky.

The ascension effort certainly is worth it, as you will see: the view is always as beautiful as can be.

Come clear your mind or fill up on positive energy, awaken the child within and rise, all smiles, stairways that reach the sky.

Breathe in and out… And let yourself be lulled by the scenery.

Le village de Saint-Aubert, dans Région L’Islet

Saint-Aubert présente un paysage fait de plateaux et de collines. Reconnu pour l’agriculture et les érablières, le village de 1400 habitants possède une patinoire extérieure en hiver, des terrains de balle molle, de volleyball et de pétanque, ainsi qu’une plage publique au lac des Trois-Saumons.

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